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How to do a Bun Hairstyle For Long Hair?

 The Bun Hairstyle For Long Hair is the most adaptable hairdo that has ever existed! Any occasion, activity, attire, state of mind, time of year, or personality can be paired with a bun. Additionally, long hair bun styles are a blessing from the heavens. Simply put your long, flowing locks into a topknot or low bun, and resume your slaying at home or at work. Learn how to style your hair Bun Hairstyle For Long Hair so that your topknot or low bun always appears fashionable by reading on. Jump right in.


Some hairstyles are simply timeless, universally attractive, and appropriate for a range of hair types. Bun Hairstyle For Long Hair were included in this category due to their adaptability in styling and consistently stunning feminine appearance.

How to do a Pouf Bun Hairstyle For Long Hair?

What you will need:

  • hair clips
  • brush
  • curling iron
  • elastic band
  • bobby pins
How to do:

  • From ear to ear, create a horizontal part in your hair.
  • To remove any knots, clip up the top part of your hair and brush down the bottom half.
  • The ends of the lower part should linger over the low bun when you wrap it.
  • Use bobby pins and an elastic band to hold it in place. If you want to give your hair a more dramatic appearance, curl it.
  • Cut the top part loose.
  • Take a little of your front hair and leave it out.
  • To make a pouffe, gather the remaining hair and backcomb it.
  • To hold the pouffe in place, use bobby pins.
  • Hair from the front is combed back and pinned at the back.

Some Bun Hairstyle For Long Hair 2022

Braided Crown

Glided Bun

Braided base bun

Voluminous bun

Juliet bun

Modern French twist

You're looking for a quick and simple technique to keep your hair out of your face and up. The hairstyle you're looking for might be a Bun Hairstyle For Long Hair. From sloppy buns, top knots, and ballerina buns to braided buns, sock buns, and standard buns, we've got you covered with a wide selection of tutorials. You may quickly master a variety of unique looks by following a few easy steps.


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